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Project Title: „A Simplesoft Kft H2020 stratégiájának kialakítása, felhő alapú projektkövető és folyamat modellező szoftver fejlesztése és egyéb innovációs projektek generálása”

Amount of contracted subvention: 7,31 MILLION FORINT

Accepted project intensity: 75.00 %

Project number: GOP-3.3.4-15-2015-0056

Deadline of execution: 2015.10.30.



Project Title: „Üzleti folyamat modellező nyelv és prototípus fejlesztése a simpleSoft Kft.-nél”

Amount of contracted subvention: 34 398 749 .- HUF

Accepted project intensity: 60.00 %

Project number: GINOP-2.1.7-15-2016-00093

Deadline of execution: 2019.11.27.



Project Title: „Rugalmas foglalkoztatás a simpleSoft Kft.-nél”

Amount of contracted subvention: 13 559 915 .- HUF

Accepted project intensity: 100 %

Project number: GINOP-5.3.2-16-2017-00589

Deadline of execution: 2018.02.28.

Technology background
  • .NET based development

    Application developement in C#, online solutions based on ASP.NET
  • Java development

    Developing Java applications for personal computers and distributed enterprise environments.
  • PHP development

    Quick and effective developement of Intranet and Internet applications using our own developed framework.
PHP development
Object Oriented Programming (OOP) has opened new dimensions for the feasibilities of the PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) programming language as the complex solutions can be handeled with professional tools, avoiding the pitfalls of functional software development. The code is easily managed, modifications can be done easily thanks to the OOP.

We are able to create unique Intranet and Internet applications fast and efficiently with our own, self-developed framework (continuously being developed based on customer requests). Our reference projects, created with the framework guarantee the basic, faultless functionality. We can offer efficient solutions for complex problems, significantly reducing lead-time of new developments.

It allows the generation of webpages, portals, web applications, the content of which is not prewritten, but based on our requests. We can create an access control system, registers, all of these in a way so they are available from multiple places.

Our manufactory's professionals use PHP programming language since 1998. The time passed has justified the importance and durability of the technology.
We aim to provide java-based solutions that are simple, reliable and efficient. We support our customers in choosing the most optimal solution and we make the necessary choices together.

Range of solutions, standard implementations and different frameworks based on this technology is really wide nowadays, behind of which are remarkable representatives (such as IBM, BEA, Oracle, Apache Founcation, Eclipse Foundation, etc.) making it possible for our customers to be able to choose the most favorable solutions out of several choices.

Java-based programs are able to run under different operating systems without any changes/modifications. There is an implemented Java Virtual Machine for the common operating systems (Windows, various Linux distributions, Solaris, HP-UX, MacOSX), that's why our solutions can be applied for all of them* (*it can change based on project and the applied 3rd party technologies)

We believe, after getting to know the theme entrusted to us accurately we are able to choose the solution that is the most optimal and most fitting for the customer's needs.

SimpleSoft Kft.'s Java-based solutions are fundamentally based on the Java Standard Edition (Java SE) and the Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE).

Our manufactory offers Java-based services in two directions:

- Development of Java applications running on PCs
- Development of applications running on distributed enterprise environments

Applications running on PCs use the Java Standard Edition (Java SE) and fundamentally based on Swing. There are numerous open source and commercial moduls available for Java desktop applications, thus almost any type of usage can be covered by the technology.

Applications running on distributed enterprise environments are based on Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE). We choose the application server used in the given solution corresponding the task/customer's needs. In case the application has an online interface we use the Java Server Pages (JSP) or the Java Server Faces (JSF) technologies. For these there are an extensive tag/component libraries available from numerous sources (application server specific or developed by other companies). Choosing the right elements can be done after knowing the task accurately and cross-checking with the customer. In case specific customer requirements come up to use a specific technology (or implementation) we try to find the optimal solution based on those needs. There are numerous open source and commercial implementations and addons for the Java technology, that's why there are more than one solutions for a given task.
.NET framework releases and the associated development environments (Microsoft Visual Studio) allow fast and simple development cycles. Faster work means shorter deadlines, more cost-efficient solutions and shorter payback time for our customers.

Our manufactory offers solutions in two areas:

- Application development in C#
- Web solutions based on ASP .NET

After the release of version 3.0 the technology has been expanded by such new elements that make the development of tasks of specific topics even more easy abd efficient, while already existing components have also been improved.

At the start of a .NET project, after the accurate assessment of needs we specify the usable elements and (with the customer if requested) we choose the optimal combinations. We believe it is impossible (at least it's very hard) to create quality software without careful planning. That's why we do everything in order to get to know the topic as accurate as possible, create the technical shape of the given task (specification) and to provide the highest possible level of service. By these are the typical traits of our .NET-based solutions to be simplicity, reliability and efficiency.

If necessary, we also propose the optimal infrastructure required by the given software solution.

We are able to develop Intranet, Internet, smartphone apps, websites and web applications.

We are able to develop Intranet, Internet, smartphone apps, websites and web applications.

After the needs assessment and the analyzation of the problem, we are planning the application or software in view of our client needs.

We can help in online marketing campaignes or boost your web presence: SEO (SEM+SEA), Adwords, and community

We can ship, scale and configure application servers. We are able to assure long term system operation.

We can handle domain registration, assure storage and set up the optimal runtime environment for your application. We can provide admin services such as backups, system monitoring and availability. We can plan and execute system integration projects via our strategic partners.

About us


We operate with excellence in all areas of web programming skills certified by referencies to famous companies and firms. Simplesoft Kft. is simply a "coding manufactory" formed in 2007. The term could be suprising for many at first sight, but manufactory is the term that fully covers our activities.

Our motto, "Simple solutions for a complex world" expresses our dedication to our profession, the need of keeping our experties at the top and solving problems, no matter how complex they are. 

Why manufactory? Because our most important atribute is the project-oriented work based on efficient division of labor in software development. With our continuously qualified, professional associates we strive to solve the problems defined by our customers and partners, and to efficiently end tasks entrusted to us. With the use of nowadays' known and maybe less-known technologies (php, .NET, Java HTML 5) we create unique softwares, applications with care and expertise.
Simplesoft company profile -

Without continuous advancement, there is no success. In success, we mean that our customers, associates are satisfied, this way ensuring the background of our manufactory. We continuously improve our infrastructure, including the technical, technological background and human resources.

The founding members of the "manufactory" had been working at such multinational companies on projects with the scale of 30-50 manyears as  sofware developer, project manager and architect, as Siemens AG and Infineon AG, and have learnt professional software development, the pitfalls of software development processes and getting to know the successful project management's criterias from the greatest "masters".